Commencing 1st December till April 30th (summer)

During the hotter part of the year, as of 1st December we implement our heat policy until the 30th April. This means that we will not travel horses during moderate to serve heat dependant on the day and conditions. Routes and schedules are subject to be changed at our discretion to provide a safe service for the horses we are transporting. Some morning and day schedules may change to the evening and night to help cater for these purposes. You will be notified in advance if a schedule time has changed. In cases when a schedule changes with minimal time to notify, we advise it be best if you call us if you have any concerns. This is a decision that has been implemented to avoid liability of fatigue, death and other serious harm that can be caused to livestock while travelling in serve heat. Like always, we want to provide the best services possible and without your patience, consideration and understanding this can be hard. By making a booking with us via phone, email or form you are agreeing to these conditions and wish to abide accordingly.